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APG Airlines

APG AIRLINES, code GP, is based in France and operates a single Beechcraft 200 aircraft.
The airline started its initial scheduled route between Nice and Bergamo airport on 28 October 2016 with two weekly flights.

With the launch of APG AIRLINES, APG is also able to reactive its APG IET product in which over 100 airlines participate, and which going forward will operate using the code GP of APG AIRLINES.

APG IET  acts as an interline hub for allowing APG IET airline clients to interline with any of the other 100+ airlines in the programme without direct interline agreements or links.

APG IET was obliged to suspend sales in February this year when Heli Air Monaco, whose code, YO, was previously used for APG IET, became a charter-only operator and was no longer able to participate in the IATA BSP system.

With the launch of APG AIRLINES, APG is now able to use its own code for its APG IET product offering a stronger proposition to airlines in the future.

Testing has already started with the first APG IET customers to re-open sales on APG IET and testing with all remaining airlines will be carried out as soon as possible. APG IET is also expected to add new airline customers the end of the year which have been awaiting the launch of the product with the new code.



APG has olso taken the opportunity to switch its PSS host system at the same time to Crane PAX, a solution offered by Hitit, a well-known airline systems provider with a reputation for inovation. The new system will allow APG to develop improved  links to other sales channels which were not possible previously.

Further information:

APG AIRLINES currently participates in ARC in the US, +40 BSP´s as well as MITA and ICH. Additional BSP´s will be activated in October bringing the total number in which APG AIRLINES participates to 119.

APG ARLINES will shortly be displayed and bookable in Amadeus, Galleo, Sabre as well as the Travelport portfolio of GDS´s.

  • 176 - countries
  • 111 - associates
  • +200 - clients


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