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Atlas Global

AtlasGlobal, named Atlasjet until 31 March 2015, is a Turkish airline headquartered in Istanbul, which operates scheduled domestic and international passenger services as well as charter flights, mostly out of its base at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

The airline was established on 14 March 2001 and started operations on 1 June 2001. Formerly known as Atlasjet International Airlines, it was set up as a subsidiary of Öger Holdings.

The company is led by its CEO Orhan Coşkun had 730 employees (as of 2007).

In August 2012, AtlasGlobal Airlines contracted Ryan International Airlines, a US airline, to operate religious pilgrimage flights to cities such as Medina and Tel Aviv. In January 2013 AtlasGlobal failed to fulfill the payments to Ryan International, which prompted the termination of the co-operation without advance notice. Ryan International Airlines, already in a bankruptcy reorganization process, was not able to recover from the loss and therefore faced impending financial difficulties, which led to its liquidation.

Atlasjet announced to be renamed into AtlasGlobal by 1 April 2015.

As of December 2016, AtlasGlobal offers scheduled flights (excluding charter flights) to over 40 destinations.


Current fleet

As of August 2016, the AtlasGlobal fleet consisted of the following aircraft:

Aircraft In Service Passangers C Passangers Y Passangers Total
Airbus A319-100 1 8 126 134
Airbus A320-200 6 8 156 164
Airbus A321-100 2 8 192 200
Airbus A321-200 14 12 192/216 204/216
Total 23      



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