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Germany - Culture Overview


Art and culture are there to be experienced all over Germany. The level of interest is high: around 35 million spectators attend more than 100,000 theatre productions and more than 7,000 concerts year by year. And if you are not interested about it you can visit one of 6,000 museums.
Thirty cultural sites in Germany have been declared world cultural heritage sites by Unesco. This includes Aachen cathedral, the Würzburger Residence and classical Weimar, the city of Goethe and Schiller.

It has always been a number-one priority in Germany. Nowadays there are more than 130 orchestras. Opera houses, even in small towns, offer an extensive repertoire. Festivals like the Bayreuth Festspiele and the Bach Festival in Leipzig constitute further examples of large-scale events that attract international audiences. The modern music scene is equally vibrant: Musicals, rock-pop events or jazz concerts are on the programme just about everywhere.

It can be experienced live in many places. Readings can be heard everywhere: in bookshops, at literature festivals and on small and large stages. In addition to the works of contemporary authors, it is there that the classical literature flame is kept burning, in particular. And with great success: Goethe’s ‘Faust’ is still the play that is performed most often in Germany.

Museums and Art
The many new museums and art galleries are also spread across the country. What is on offer there is far more than new architecture; it is art from all eras, presented in interesting, and frequently unusual contexts.
Spatial installations, video art and new photography – anyone who wants to find out more about the current trends in contemporary art should visit one of the many art galleries in Düsseldorf, Cologne or Berlin. A young gallery scene has now established itself here, and it is also finding international recognition.

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