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Greece - Events


Greece is a country with a vast wealth of cultural tradition and folklore. Visitors, therefore, have many opportunities to enrich their travels by attending the various cultural or sports events held in every region of the country, to participate in the festivities that often are connected with enchanting customs and get acquainted with unknown but extremely interesting aspects of Greek folklore heritage.

Cultural events and Festivals

Throughout the year, but especially during summer, hundreds of cultural events are held and scores of bigger or smaller festivals are being organised, involving all forms of art. Major Greek and foreign artists take part in these events, presenting works covering a wide range of art production (classical and modern).
Some of the most important events are held under the auspices of the Hellenic Festival that, during the summer months, organises the Athens Festival, the Epidaurus Festival (theatre) and “Musical July” (in Epidaurus), which are considered to be among the most significant art festivals of the European continent.
Of particular interest are the events held at the Athens Concert Hall, which boasts one of the most modern concert halls in the world, and at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.
Highly interesting are the productions of the Greek National Opera during both winter and summer seasons. As for the theatre, apart from private companies and the Municipal and Regional Theatres, the two national theatres, the National Theatre of Greece in Athens and the National Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki, stage very interesting plays.
In Thessaloniki, the International Thessaloniki Film Festival, which in recent years has become one of the major regional festivals in Europe, is held every November, while every year in May the Thessaloniki Book Fair is held.

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