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Hungary - Culture Overview


Roman, Gothic, Baroque influenced the Hungarian art and architecture and Art Nouveau styles. The musical tradition of the country is also remarkable, famous works are the rhapsodies of Ferenc Liszt, the operas of Ferenc Erkel, the folk-music and gypsy music. The most famous works of literature are connected to the main events of the Hungarian history.
Hungary has one of the most valuable folk traditions and folk art. The most important folk crafts: woodcarving, pottery, ceramics, embroidery, weaving, blue painting, tanning, saddlery, clothes and costume manufacturer, hatmaker, straw spinner, matting, wicker, lace worker, pearl stringer, jewel and horse jewel manufacturer, felt maker, blacksmith, toy-maker, furniture maker, paper dipper, bone and horn carving, egg painter, farrier, candle dipper, music instrument maker , shoemaker, boot maker . Travellers can familiarise themselves with the Hungarian folk art in museums, exhibitions and markets.

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