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Hungary - Places to See


If you’re the kind of person who likes to visit old churches and castles, you’ll have fun in Budapest. Don’t miss St. Stephen’s Church, one of the nicest in Eastern Europe. The castle here is one of Europe’s most memorable. And once you get to Budapest you should try one of Budapest’s many bathhouses with their healing thermal waters. If you like a wine you will definitely admire huge complex of wine cellars and dungeons under the castle.

Debrecen is a smaller town than Budapest, and the people are more open and friendly. If you go to a pub here, you’ll have no problem meeting lots of people. The Deri Museum is worth a visit. It’s about equally split between exhibits on the city’s history and on art, both paintings and Hungarian folk art.

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton is a popular tourist area, both for Hungarians and foreigners and the towns around the lake are full of inns, restaurants and bars. People come to swim, fish, sail, sunbathe, windsurf, hike in the hills, play soccer or tennis, ride horses, relax at nearby thermal spas.

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