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Indonesia - Places to See


Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is a small port town turned metropolis and is the country’s centre of business and government. Home to about eight million residents, it serves as the main gateway into Indonesia and offers a complementary blend of Western architecture and modern comforts, along with Indonesian cultural values.

Visitors to Jakarta will find an impressive selection of accommodation, ranging from five-star luxury hotels to basic but comfortable lodgings. Restaurants, nightlife and great shopping are all available; and sights include colonial architecture, marine resorts, themed attractions like Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, and a beach recreation complex.

Bali has long been a popular destination in Indonesia, despite some setbacks in the tourism industry over the past decade. The beaches here are stunning and lined with luxurious resorts catering to honeymooners, singles and families alike. The variety of water sports here brings in an active crowd, who come to enjoy scuba diving, kite surfing, wind surfing, swimming, snorkelling and much more.

The inner villages of Bali are home to friendly locals and traditional marketplaces loaded with handicrafts and other specialist items. Trekking among the volcanic peaks is a popular pastime for vistors, while destinations like Ubud are good places to view verdant scenery and peaceful temples.

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