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Italy - When To Go


June / September
These are excellent months if you like to go to the seaside - not too crowded - and usually the weather is quite nice. These months are also good for city tourism since it is not too hot. As compared with August the weather is better. However, there are a number of special events which are organized at the beginning of September, for example the magnificent Historic Regatta along the Grand Canal in Venice. To be informed of the special events being organized during this period, or for that matter for any period of the year, you can obtain information from the local tourist offices.

April / May / October
These months are perfect for visiting both cities and countryside.

November to March
During this period, it really depends on your luck. You might find cold, rain and awful weather or possibly pleasant and dry conditions, particularly if you keep south of Florence. These are good months to visit the deep south, like Sicily.

from late December to end March
This is the best period if you are going in Italy to ski.

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