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The 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines are the islands of Southeast Asia that never fail to surprise.   Once the visitor sets foot to any of the 3 main archipelagos, a warm hospitable and friendly welcome awaits.  .

Notwitstanding the country's main big cities like Manila and Cebu, most of the Philippines is relaxed, laidback, stable and safe. The locals are, by and large, an exceptionally friendly and helpful bunch. On top of this, transport is cheap, the food is good, accommodation is plentiful and (for the monolinguistic) English is widely spoken.

The following video on Philippines are excerpts of short commercials by the Philippine Department of Tourism. This gives the viewer a quick glance on what to expect when visting this amazing destination that is Asia's best kept secret. Plainly said, it's WOW (Wealth of Wonders)

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