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Slovenia - Culture overview


Development of Slovenian culture is closely connected to the rise of Slovenian nation. Important work is the first printed book in Slovenian language in 1551 and a translation of Bible to Slovenian in 1584. Throughout Slovenia, there are art galleries, Fine Art museums and historical museum.

The religion - The people of Slovenia have a right to their own religious beliefs. By religion, Slovenes are traditionally largely Roman Catholic (57.8%). Around 38 other religious communities, spiritual groups, societies and associations are also registered in Slovenia.

The Slovenia language - Slovene is the national language that evolved from the Central Slovene dialects in the 18th century. Slovak speaking only two million people has 40 local dialects. Some dialects differ considerably from the standard language in grammar and vocabulary. Slovene and Slovak are the two modern Slavic languages whose names for themselves literally mean "Slavic" (slověnьskъ in old Slavonic).

Slovenia Cuisine – Getting to know abundance of traditional Slovenian food as well as culinary masterpieces which originated outside the country but have received a Slovenian touch. Slovenia has also excellent wines of three Slovenian wine growing regions. In the palette of national dishes there are many connected with the traditional festive slaughtering. Popular everyday dishes are made from cabbage, beans and potatoes. Every Slovenian region has its own various types of bread.

Music in Slovenia - The music of Slovenia is closely related to Austrian, Istrian and Croatian. For Slovenia is typical form of polka. The history of modern Slovenian music can be traced back to the 5th century when was popular church music. The 16th century saw the rise of musicians like Jacobus Gallus and Jurij Slatkonja. The 19th century saw the growth of a distinctively Slovenian classical music. Modernist composers include Uroš Rojko, Tomaž Svete, Brina Jež-Brezavšček and Aldo Kumar.

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