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Turkey - Geography


Turkey has 80 cities (administrative provinces) and 7 regions with no administrative purposes. With a coastline of about 8,300 km (5,000 miles-more than 2/3 of the border), Turkey is surrounded by 3 seas (the Black Sea in the north, the Aegean Sea in the west and the Mediterrenean in the south). Mount Ararat, the legendary landing place of Noah's Ark, is the highest point in Turkey with an height of 5,166 meters. Turkey is one of the highest countries in the world with an average height of about 1,500 meters.

There are over 20 National Parks that are protected under laws. Turkey is one of the few countries that is agriculturally self sufficient. More than 30% of the country is covered with forests and woodlands. Because of the varied landscape and climate of Turkey, flora and animal species are very diversified. Only in Turkey, over 9,000 species of flowers exists whereas this is only 11,500 for whole Europe.

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