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APG airline services

The APG World Program brings Worldwide Markets at Your Fingertips

If you're an airline looking for ways to enjoy incremental revenue in many markets at the most cost effective way, the APG World Program might be just for you.

What is the APG World Program?

The APG World Progam gives airlines access to a complete set of commercial and distribution products, available worldwide, by signing with any one of the APG Network Members.

In these difficult times, there are only two ways to improve your business – cut costs or increase revenues. Most of the meaningful cost cutting has likely been done, andeveryone is aware of “core” market revenue enhancement. However, what are you doing about marginal «online», and «offline» markets to generate more revenues?

Could a global revenue increment of 5-10% without investing your own staff assets be helpful?

Grow Your Global Business on a variable cost basis.

We can show you how to grow your incremental global business on a “success” basis – increasing sales in markets that are currently lying fallow – not working for you. We can explain how successful airlines use a mix of Interline, BSP/ARC and Online Travel Agency (OTA) sales channels to optimize revenues and demonstrate how the APG Network programs can energize your revenues in each.

Talk to us and tell us what you need

Rather than simply tell you more facts about our company and list the many things we can do, we’d rather hear from you what your expectations are. Just tell us and we’ll do the rest.

Our partners’ needs are important to us

Effective & open communication with our business partners is something we’ve defined in our job description. We know through open communication, we understand fully what our partners’ needs & objectives are. The very thing that drives our work daily is our desire to please our business partners and meet both their financial and overall company objectives.

To discuss your objectives, email us at

... we work hard at helping our partners realize revenue potential in the Czech Republic & Slovakia which are undoubtedly major opportunity markets ...


As the APG (Air Promotion Group) local office covering the markets of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Thailand, we are capable of providing the following services to partner airlines:


ABCS allows airlines a variable cost, “Pay as you Earn” way to access up to 64,000 IATA accredited travel agents in 110 BSPs worldwide, in markets where the airline does not have a local presence, and is need of local administrative support to the trade. The APG Network, through our worldwide offices, has introduced more than 250 airlines to BSP membership in both “Online” and “Offline” markets.

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GSSA Airline representation

The cornerstone of our World Program since 1991, our GSSA product offers world standard commercial representation and management services – globally, by region, or for an individual country. Our GSSA services also go “hand in glove” with our other APG products which provide access to the relevant area settlement system (ARC or BSP) or distribution via our APG IET product to facilitate ticketing in smaller markets, all to achieve maximum revenue results.

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Interline E-Ticketing

APG Network has built an Interline E-Ticketing “hub” with its own airline APG Airlines (GP-275). With the APG IET solution, airlines will only have to sign one single IET contract with  APG Airlines to regain lost interline revenues instead of signing dozens or even hundreds of bilateral agreements.

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The latest product in our growing portfolio and a hybrid distribution product, GET combines a number of our existing facilities. It has been developed following consultation with our airline partners and offers an access to far away markets in order to create an incremental revenue.

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ACTP is a payment solution created to strengthen the bond between airlines and corporate customers. This new product initiated with UATP is tailored for underserved corporate card markets. It will help airlines to lower the acquisition costs of new corporate customers, increase their loyalty and distinguish partner airlines from competitors.

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