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Typical Slovak Food

4. 5. 2017

The Slovak cuisine has it's variety, depending on the region. It has been quite influenced by neighboring cities but it has done the same as well.


History of the Czech Beer

4. 5. 2017

Beer in most countries, especially around Europe is an everyday beverage of almost all people from different walks of life. It is a permanent part of their lifestyle.
Czech Republic is known for it's historical, well-preserved architectures but is also widely known for it's beer production. Beer in engraved in every Czech. They even call beer as "the liquid bread". Most Czechs drink only Czech beer. Reason being is quite obvious. Czech brewing has a long history and Czech beer is among the best beer in the world.


Thailand's Shopping Scene

10. 4. 2017

Thailand is one of the most visited country in the Southeast Asia. It hs become a tourist destination because of it's exotic beauty, rich and preseved culture and heritage. The number of temples all over are architecturally exquisite. The Thai Cuisine is a treat for the palate too.


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