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Czech Republic and Slovakia




APG AIRLINES, code GP, is based in France and operates a single Beechcraft 200 aircraft.

The airline started its initial scheduled route between Nice and Bergamo airport on 28 October 2016 with two weekly flights. With the launch of APG AIRLINES, APG is also able to reactive its APG IET product in which over 100 airlines participate, and which going forward will operate using the code GP of APG AIRLINES.

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The airline was established in 1998 as an air taxi company to operate services for oil companies in the Campos Basin

Avianca Brazil destinations include 23 in Brazil and 1 in Colombia. Furthermore, the airline provides connections at São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport and Rio de Janeiro-Galeão/Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport between its own flights and those of Avianca Colombia and Avianca Perú.

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Flynas formerly known as Nas Air, is a domestic and international airline based in Saudi Arabia. It is the country's first and to date, the only Low Cost Carrier. The company's head office is located in Riyadh

Saudi Arabian Airlines was the only airline in the country until 2006, when budget carriers Nas Air and Sama Airlines got their licenses from the government. Nas Air was founded in 2007. Operations started in February that year. The company changed its name from Nasair to Flynas in November 2013.

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Enjoy amazing views from the sky with a 7 minute helicopter transfer between Nice and Monaco

Heli Air Monaco launched its first helicopter flights between Nice and the Principality of Monaco with one (two-seat) helicopter in 1976. Heli Air Monaco is a leader in helicopter transportation with more than 35 years of experience in the French Riviera and the south of Europe.

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Previously known as Mongolian Airlines, Hunny Air is the Official Flag Carrier of Mongolia

Hunnu Air was established in September 2011. Previously known as Mongolian Airlines changed its name to Hunnu Air in April 2013. Hunnu Air currently operates 2 international flights to Manzhouli and Hailar in China and 6 domestic flights to Khovd, Ulaangom, Uliastai, Choibalsan, Dalanzadgad and Murun.

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Asia's First Airline now serving Passengers in the Czech Republic & Slovakia

Philippine Airlines (PAL), Asia's airline, took to the skies on 15 March 1941. PAL has become one of the most respected airlines around the world with a young and modern fleet of aircraft and a route network widely covering countries and territories across Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe.

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