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Slovakia - Places to See


The old city and the castle are the best parts of Bratislava. The old city is packed with museums and palaces. The castle, built above the Danube, was a frontier post of the Roman Empire from the 1st to the 5th century. Since the 9th century it has been rebuilt several times, most recently between 1953 and 1962. Climb up for the great views and to check out the very interesting Slovak National Museum expositions within. The Natural Sciences Museum of the Slovak National Museum and the Slovak National Gallery on the river are also worth a visit.

Recreational activities abound in and around the settlements of Vysoke Tatry town. Apart from skiing in the winter, hiking or biking in the summer, and other active recreation, there are several small spas in Vysoke Tatry. A small botanical garden of High Tatras fauna at the natural science museum in Tatranska Lomnica is another worthwhile sight.

Piestany attracts many who seek health-oriented spa treatment. Piestany offers many old-fashioned cures which Europeans have found effective for generations.

The second largest city after capital Bratislava . Lying in the valley of the River Hornad in the basin that shares its name, Kosice is a regional administrative centre and Eastern Slovakia's hub of industry, commerce, science and culture. The country's second largest city, Kosice curently has a population of more than 250,000 inhabitants.

SLOVESNKY RAJ (Slovak Paradise)
Slovesnky Raj is rich in caves and chasms. The most significant is the Stratena jaskyna system, which includes Stratena jaskyna itself - at 18,5 km, the longest cave in Slovakia - the Psie diery cave and the Dobsinska Ice Cave.

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